With unique design and advanced energy saving technology at its core the market leading NITROSource nitrogen gas generator requires less compressed air to generate more nitrogen. Together with substantially lower servicing costs, reduced downtime and a longer working life, it adds up to the most cost-efficient nitrogen supply available; significantly more affordable than traditional sources, and delivering huge savings over the lifetime of the generator. With over 20 years experience in the market, and over 50,000 units installed globally, Parker domnick hunter is first choice for innovative and reliable gas generation technology.


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Features and Benefits:

*Energy saving technology:
Matches compressed air flow to the nitrogen outlet flow and purity, reducing compressed air use, and saving energy and money.

*Lower cost maintenance, extensive working life: The Carbon Molecular Sieve, the ‘engine’ of the generator delivers nitrogen more efficiently, leading to a very long working life – and major savings on maintenance.

*Remote monitoring: Enabling connection to proprietary remote management and the generator control systems to control and track gas parameters from a central location


*Gas quality control − Mass Flow Controller - ensuring correct set pressure and flow − Integral Oxygen Analyser - constantly measures gas purity − Off-Gas-By-Pass - automatically vents off out-ofspecification gas ensuring product quality by ensuring gas quality − Inlet and Outlet Pressure Regulation - preventing damage to the generator or application − Electronic Control System – 100% management of all critical generator functions

* Easily upgradable supply: Simply add extra generators as the application requirement grows.

*Industry compliance Food and pharmaceutical safe, in line with European statute (EIGA) and the USA Food & Drugs Administration (FDA Article 21) and Pharmacopeia compliance.

The NITROSource PSA range of nitrogen generators operate on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen gas from clean dry compressed air.
*Pairs of dual chamber extruded aluminium columns, filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS), are joined via an upper and lower manifold to produce a two bed system. Whilst one bed is online and removing oxygen from the process air the other is regenerated.
*Clean, dry particulate free compressed air enters the bottom of the online bed and flows up through the CMS. Oxygen and other trace gases are preferentially adsorbed by the CMS, allowing nitrogen to pass through. At the end of this adsorption phase the inlet, outlet and exhaust valves close on both beds.

*The upper and lower equalisation valves open, allowing the pressure to equalise between the beds. This equalisation phase is designed to reduce energy consumption and enhance the overall performance of the generator.
*Once equalised the bed entering regeneration is depressurised. The oxygen adsorbed during the adsorption phase is vented to atmosphere via an exhaust valve and silencer. A small proportion of the outlet nitrogen gas is also expanded into this bed to help the desorption of oxygen from the CMS.
*The bed entering the adsorption phase is pressurised using a controlled flow of nitrogen gas from the nitrogen buffer vessel (Back Fill) and a controlled flow of clean, dry, particulate free compressed air (Front Fill).
*The CMS beds alternate between adsorption and regeneration modes to ensure continuous and uninterrupted nitrogen production.