Nitrogen makes up 78% of the Air!

Nitrogen makes up approximately %78 of the air we breathe at sea level. So there is an abundant supply of inert gas if we can remove the other reactive components of the air listed.

PSA Systems

Membran Systems

azot membran sistemler

Nitrogen Application Areas

azot uygulamaları


* Up to %90 cost saving
Typically capital pay back is achievable within 12-24 months.

* Energy saving
Produce nitrogen from standard compressed air supply. No gas is wasted, returned in part used  cylinders or lost through boil-off.

* Space saving design
The compact design means the systems demands less floor space

* Convenient and safe
The easy to use systems are simple to install, require minimal maintenance and eliminate safety hazards assosiated with traditional gas supplies.

Why Do We Use Nitrogen?

*Prevent oxidation of materials
Removing oxygen prevents metals from oxidising in heat treatment process.

* Reduce the risk of combustion and explosion
For a fire of explosion to occur, three elements are needed; fuel, oxygen and an ignition source. If we remove any one of the three elements, the triangle collapses and a fire cannor occur. A safe and economical mothod of the breaking down the triangle is to replace the oxygen contained within the atmospheric air with nitrogen gas.

*Stop bacteriological growth
Many of the species of bacteria that make food go bad, need oxygen to survive. If we remove the life giving oxygen, then the bacteria will die or their reproduction will be retarded.