The Mixing Valves are simple, clever, very reliable and extremely hard wearing. They are a completely pressure mechanical device designed to apportion the volume of 2 or 3 gases to provide a consistent mixed gas percentage over a wide and process dependent varying flow range.

Obviously they do not rely on electrical power to operate which is hugely beneficial and because they provide a flow range naturally, they do not require a buffer tank after them. They have a built in mechanical safety interlock, which means that they will only pass gas if both or all of the supply gases are present.

GMB Series
GMT Series
Gas Mixers
(0,9-57 m³/h)


FW serisi gaz mikserleri
FW Series
Gas Mixers
(5-200 m³/h)




BSL Gas Technologies                                       BSL Range of Industrial Gas Mixers


* Food and Beverage Processing and Packing
 All sorts of Food products will benefit from a controlled or modified atmosphere and there are different mixes required at different times too, there is a difference between bulk packs for example and retail packs of the same food product.

* Beer perfection, Beer dispense Industry
Dispensing beer using mixed gas has proven to be a valuable tool to those interested in presenting beer perfectly and consistently. For the Brewer and the seller, mixed gas helps to deliver the beer as expected and is an important part of the overall brand image.

* Manufacturing and Welding Quality and Consistency
Mixed gases are invaluable to these industries, the correct gas mixtures greatly improving the quality of manufacturing processes for the engineers involved with delivering quality.