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Hitech Gas Analysers

Hitech Instruments has been specialising in gas analysers for over 30 years. All the design and manufacture is done in the UK. In 2009 Hitech moved into the new purpose built facility of their parent company MTL (Measurement Technology Ltd). MTL is part of Cooper CrouseHinds, a Cooper Industries company. Application specific analysers are the forte of Hitech. Rather than modify an existing product Hitech have designed application specific analyser solutions for power stations, the chlor alkali industry and biogas plants.

Oxygen Analysers

Hitech oxygen analysers use either zirconia or electrochemical cells to cover a wide range of applications. Zirconia sensors are non-depleting, fast responding and offer greater accuracy at low ppm levels. Electrochemical cells offer a cost effective solution over a wide range. A choice of cells is available to cover a wide range of applications.


* Nitrogen generators                           * Inert gas systems                             * Air separation

* Soldering systems                             * Reflow ovens                                    * Packaging



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