Compressed air is the lifeblood of a modern factory, with the compressor room at its heart. And as a major centre of energy consumption and cost, the effi ciency of the compressed air system has a signifi cant bearing on productivity and profi tability as a whole.
Effective purifi cation is a critical element in the compressed air treatment process. Contaminants such as particulates, oil, water and micro-organisms represent a constant threat. And unless they are systematically removed, the quality of air delivery will be severely hampered – regardless of the performance of the compressor itself.
Water in its gaseous form will pass through any fi ltration and unless dealt with, it will remain as a harmful contaminant that can cool and condense into liquid within the compressed air system. Effective drying is therefore an essential part of any compressed air treatment system.


Low to Medium Flow
Compressed Air Refregeration Dryers


Medium to High Flow

Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers

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