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Antares dryer with Tandem Technology – an innovative family of dryers for compressed air from 2.5 to 34m3 /min manufactured by Parker HZD (Hiross Zander Division). “Tandem Technology” effectively combines two well known classic drying techniques, working in harmony with one another, to form an optimised and unique compressed air treatment package - Refrigeration Technology/ Adsorption Technology. This unique combination enables high-quality compressed air to be provided to the end-user at low energy consumption levels when compared to more traditional adsorption dryers. Antares Tandem Technology constantly achieves a dew-point of -40 °C as standard. To reach such levels of compressed air purity, patented product features and mode of operation contribute to extremely low purge-air requirements. Without the need to alter any of the components in the dryer, AT-Technology is able to supply a wide range of compressed air dew-points, achieved by simply setting the desired value on the control panel.
Key Benefits

*Lower operating costs vs. traditional heatless and heat-regenerative adsorption dryers (lower purge-air requirement and lower heater consumption).
*Reduced maintenance costs due to less desiccant-fill with extended life time. *Exemption from periodic vessel inspection.
*Constant dew-point performance - no peaks above set-point.
*„Dial-a dew-point feature“ for seasonal operation (By-pass Option)
*Additional energy savings at partial load – (Dew-point-Dependant-Switching).
*Compact overall dimensions – Small footprint - Space saving.

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Antares VS Adsorption Dryers Running Costs

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Key Applications

Food & Beverage
Surface treatment
Instrumentation and control
Materials handling
Material forming


Hybrid Dryer with Tandem Technology


*By-pass for seasonal operation (Models ATT060-340).
*7“ colour -Touch Screen Display (Models ATT140-340).
*External electronic capacitive condensate drain (Models ATT025-090)