zander kimysal kurutucuThe actual generation - ZERO PURGE - Chemical Dryers
The actual generation ... Adsorption Desiccant attracts and stores the moisture from the saturated compressed air. Parker Zander’s experience in designing and building heat regenerated dryers over many years has resulted in the use of high capacity and long service life desiccant. The most economical form of desiccant bed is to combine the correct proportions of water resistant with high efficiency desiccant. The filling of desiccant in the new dryers means low energy costs, a long service life and a stable dew-point. Regeneration ... of vacuum heat regenerated adsorption dryers is the result of continuous research and development based on years of experience in user installations worldwide. The name Parker Zander is synonymous with the best in compressed air treatment. The new CONCEPT WVM range adds to the reputation with optimum efficiency, reliablety and constant high quality. This level of quality is reflected in the pressure dew point, which can be both measured and tested. The designated pressure dew point of a CONCEPT WVM dryers remains continuously constant, so important in today’s systems. The constant dew point is achieved by using two layers of desiccant and regeneration under vacuum. The vacuum regeneration with Active Heating and Intensive Cooling defines the new standard for heat regenerated dryers.

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