hiross aftercooler görselCompressed air and gases contain high levels of liquid water vapour. Effective water removal leads to reduced maintenance costs, enhanced system operation and improved product quality.

Hypercool represents the vital first step in this process, eliminating over 80% of the water present within compressed air and gas systems. Many industrial applications require controlled compressed air or gas temperature for efficient operation, a requirement for which Hypercool is perfectly suited.

Hypercool has been specifically designed to achieve maximum cooling at minimum cost, within a package designed to withstand the rigors of modern industry.

hiross su soğutmalı aftercooler
Product Features:

*Permits significant energy and capital investment savings
*Optimises the compressed air system performance or gas treatment station
*Reduces maintenance and improves product quality
*Designed to ensure reliable continuous operation
*Very low pressure drops with optimum cooling performances
su soğutmalı aftercooler