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ISO8573-1 is the principal document in this series, it stipulates the amount of contamination allowed in each cubic metre of compressed air. Listed as three main contaminants, (solid particulate, water and oil) each contaminant is detailed into a different class.

From general purpose ring main to critical point of use air, the extensive range of purification equipment available from Parker means that a system can be designed to meet any need.
kontamınasyon tablosuA number of compressor manufacturers claim that the air from their oil-free compressors deliver air in accordance with Class 0 for total oil and that little to no purification is required downstream. In some cases when the compressor is tested in clean room conditions there may be a minimal reading with respect to oil. However, when installed in a typical urban environment, the level of contamination drawn into the compressor would result in a higher concentration of oil and render the Class 0 claim invalid. Class 0 does not mean zero contamination, solid particulate and water vapour would still need to be reduce to acceptable levels to achieve ISO8573-1:2010 standards, meaning additional purifi cation equipment is essential. Typically, for critical applications in the medical and food industries guidelines state that ISO8573-1:2010 2.2.1 is acceptable, but in rare cases where the application has to meet Class 0 with respect to total oil, the remaining acceptable oil concentration has to be agreed in writing and tested in-line with parts 2-9 of ISO8573-1:2010 to be in accordance with Class 0 standards.