Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is available as a colourless, odourless, non-combustible gas, a heavy, volatile colourless liquid or as a solid in the form of dry ice. In the beverage industry, CO2 is used to carbonate soft drinks, beers and wine as well as offering some protection against microbiological growth. CO2 is typically produced as a by-product from various processes including chemical manufacturing or combustion as well as collection from natural sources.

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The domnick hunter PCO2 polishing system offers five stages of CO2 purification in a compact, modular design to give the highest level of protection to the beverage industry. In addition to inlet and outlet particulate filtration, the plant scale Maxi and MPlus systems incorporate a unique 3-layer adsorption bed, pre-loaded into cartridges for ease of maintenance. The materials used have been carefully selected for their ability to preferentially adsorb potential contaminants, thus ensuring the optimum removal efficiency of the system during its operational life.

This proven five stage technology has also been utilised in the design of smaller point of use polishers used to offer protection against potential CO2 contamination in retail dispense applications.

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The Efficent Solution

The Efficient Solution In response to increased awareness of the impact on beverage characteristics that potential CO2 impurities can have, domnick hunter has developed a range of PCO2 carbon dioxide purifiers. Acting as vapour polishers, these are designed to bring ‘out of specification’ gas back to within beverage quality guidelines. The PCO2 systems are designed to offer in-line quality incident protection against peak levels of trace contaminants that may occasionally be present in beverage grade carbon dioxide.