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Compressed Air; is regarded as the fourth most frequently used auxiliary resource after electricity, natural gas and water in the industry. Compressed air is produced by compressing the atmospheric air with compressor. Compressors can be categorized in different forms. According to their pressure type, they are categorized as "Low Pressure Compressors", " Medium Pressure Compressors " and " High Pressure Compressors "; it can be also classified as ''oil-free compressor '' or ''oil-injected compressor ''. However, three basic types of compressors are used extensively in the industry are; ''Piston Compressor '', ''Screw Compressor '' and ''Turbo Compressor '' (centrifugal compressor)
Piston Compressors are the only alternative In situations where the operating pressure exceeds 16 bar. Screwed and Turbo Compressors are more efficient between 6 to 10 bar. In applications below 3.5 bar, "Blowers" are usually prefered.
'' Oilfree Oil Free Compressors '' are used especially in medicine and food sector.
Although the air obtained from the oil screw compressors can be delivered to the oil-free compressor air quality with the correct conditioning equipment, in order to minimize risks
the usage of oil-free compressors is preferred over oil compressors.

''Turbo Compressors '' are fat free compressors because of their machanism(?). Even if the oil-free compressors are required, the specific energy value is low in the places where there is a high amount of constant air consumption, so it can save energy in the high amount.

Piston Compressors are used in applications such as diesel engine start-up air, hydroelectric power stations, switch stations which have a high pressure air production or air storage needs.
In the beverage industry, 25-40 bar "Oil Piston Compressor" usage is very common for inflating pet.

"Booster Compressors" are not very different from normal compressors in structure.
Buster compressors are used for extracting gases from a certain pressure to higher pressures, while compressors generally compress the ambient air at atmospheric pressure.

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