Nitrogen Generator

NITROSource_PSA_Azot_JeneratoruUsing Nitrogen generators, air that's taken from air compressors can be separated and produce the desired amount of nitrogen and purity.

Air Compressor

Pressured air is produced by screw-piston, oil free-oil injected and low-medium or high pressured air compressors.

Air Filtration and Treatment

Basınçlı Hava filtresiUnwanted contaminants found in compressed air may be eliminated using different types of air filtration and treatment equipment according to needs.

Hydrogen Generator

hydrogen_generatorUsing hydrogen generators for hydrogen production removes the risk of storing high pressured gasses and provides a cost advantage.

Gas Analyzer

Gaz AnalizörüThe contents of the gasses you purchase or produce may be measured using portable or stable gas analyzers to keep your processes under control.

Biogas&Special Gasses

Özel GazlarIn todays Industry, due to processes, several different gasses are used. According to application details, these gasses may be demanded at different pressures.

Gas Mixers

gaz mix gaz mikseriAccording to different sectors mixture needs, gas mixers can produce mixtures at the desired ratio. Gas mixers give more accurate data about the proportion of mixtures than mixture tubes.


Technical Support & Service

DH Serisi Yağsız Kompresör MotoruExperienced engineers, machine, electric, mechatronics and engine technicians form our expert service team that's at your service.

DHE Industrial
Compressed Air and Gas Solutions

As DHE, we provide services in Turkey and abroad with the principles "right solution, suitable product, quality material and complete service" in the process of separation, purification, treatment, compression and production of gasses.

Our company, has completed several important projects in Turkey and abroad, becoming a trusted supplier for many important firms with the partnerships that it's formed throughout the years with the worlds leading companies in compressed air solutions.

PARKER (domnick hunter - Hiross - Zander), GARDNER DENVER (Compair - Reavell - Hydrovane - Belliss&Morcom), Sauer Compressors, Boge Compressors, Hitech, Termomeccanica, BSL Gas Technologies, FST and Quantima are among our solution partners.

After sale maintenance and technical support services are conducted by our experienced technical staff and experts.

News - Announcements

OFAS HL - Oil Free Air Systems

OFAS Compressed Air System has won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award for 2018.

We participated in PharmaNEXT, which is Pharmaceutical Industry, Technologies and Components Fair, in April 19-21 at Lütfü Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center