"Perfect with Pressure"

Through the Reavell brand Gardner Denver specialises in high pressure lubricated compression technology, with its skilled and knowledgeable global team boasting over a century of experience within the sector.

Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors Providing a Range of Flows and Pressures

Reavell, R Series and V Compact use lubricating compressors in normal operating circumstances. Lubricating oil in reciprocating compressors is a vital ingredient in maintaining the compressor’s performance.

Inside the compressor the oil has to perform a wide range of tasks. To perform these many tasks, the oil has to be transported to the right areas within the reciprocating compressor.

There are two methods of moving the oil inside the compressor, these are:

* Splash lubrication
* Pressure lubrication

All Reavell, R Series and V Compact compressors are designed and tested to ensure the best lubrication method is used for your application. Having the right Gardner Denver lubrication will ensure you minimise wear, have trouble-free compressor operation and maximise component life.


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Hizmet Verdiğimiz Pazarlar

Reavell pistonlu yüksek basınç teknolojileri dünyanın en önemli 5 pazarına, satış öncesi ve satış sonrası hizmet verip, sektör lideri Gardner Denver tarafından desteklenmektedir.

* CNG Dolumu
* Solunabilir Hava
* Genel Hava & Gaz
* Endüstriyel Hava & Gaz
* Deniz & Denizcilikle İlgili
* Savunma

Standart ürün gamımıza rağmen, müşterilemizin özel gereksinimlerini karşılamak ve özel mühendislik çözümleri oluşturmak için sipariş yoluyla çalışmaktayız.


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Achieving the optimal Oil-free Compressor Solution has never been easier.

With the choice of single, two or three stages of compression, seven modular crankcases, over 100 cylinder sizes plus a variety of specialist control systems, there is virtually unlimited flexibility in application and performance.

Through development of the pioneering ‘V’ and ‘W’ non-horizontal design technologies, Belliss & Morcom, R Series and V Compact compressors offer significant performance, reliability and power advantages over traditional horizontally opposed machine configurationsLonger piston ring life, reduced component wear, smooth running and superior reliability are just some of the factors which make our compressors the first choice for many of industry’s most arduous and critical process applications around the world.

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Flexible, Independent Configuration
For air cooled compression units, all excess heat is transferred to the ambient air environment.

With the range of air cooled compressors whilst the footprint maybe larger in certain installations, they are more suited to locations with lower ambient temperatures as none of the components can be damaged from frost.

Air cooled units are more independent than water cooled equivalents as it does not require a water supply to operate and can be easier to maintain due to no corrosion of components such as pumps or corrosion rods.

Air cooled compressors may have a larger footprint, but are lighter than water cooled units as there is no cast water jackets or heavy water in them.

Efficient Compressor Cooling in a Compact Footprint
Water cooled compressors use water as a method of removing heat from the compressor. The excess heat is transferred to the cooling water which can be held within a closed or open loop cooling system.

The closed loop system circulates the same water continually round the system, whereas open loop cooling uses new water and is ideal for installations where there is a good source of water available, such as on board ships or other marine applications. Compressors can be located below decks, in engine rooms where cooling air supply is difficult to supply.

Water jackets fitted around the cylinders generate low noise levels but also allow the compressor to work harder at each stage.

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Special Requirements Require a Custom Solution

For some industries and applications our standard product configurations may not be best solution for your needs. Standard compressor blocks are easily configured and can be quickly adapted to meet your requirements by our team of highly skilled engineers.

For these types of custom engineered projects we create the right project team which combines all the skills you need for your application and provide the right solution - first time.