15-37 kW
Fixed Speed
Air &
Water Cooled
Oil Free Screw Compressors


D50H SR-D110H SR
15-110 kW

Regulated Speed
Air & Water Cooled
Oil Free Screw Compressors


DH Serisi Yağsız Kompresör Motoru





Components not found in a DH-Series compressor
*Oil separator
*Oil removal filters
*Oil pump
*Complex seal arrangements

Benefit from high quality features
DH compressors have significantly fewer moving parts than comparable machines, meaning there is less to go wrong, while lower speeds and balanced bearing loads extend the compression element service life for low-cost operation. With exceptionally low running temperatures of less than 60°C, near isothermal compression is achieved. This also eliminates the need for an internal aftercooler and the associated power consumption reduces pressure drop to a minimum.

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Energy Saving

Water injection means lower temperatures, and lower temperatures means more efficient compression.

DH - advanced compression technology from CompAir

*Single-stage, direct-driven compression element maximises efficiency and minimises maintenance
*High quality water injection lubricates, cools and seals the compression process, maximising efficiency
*No gearbox means no need for associated oil lubrication
*Low bearing loads and low speeds mean sealed-for-life bearings can be used, requiring no oil lubrication
*Regulated speed technology available to reduce energy costs
*Comprehensive control ensures safe and reliable operation and includes remote communication capability
*Fully packaged and silenced enclosure reduces noise and simplifies installation