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BSL was established in 1990. They have made more than 250,000 Gas Mixing Systems, they are continually growing their range and ability, providing useful beneficial equipment solutions, services and facilities to customers in the Global Industrial Gases community. Some of BSL's equipment solutions include Gas Mixer Valves, Gas Mixing Panels and Systems, Gas Analysers, Gas Filters, Gas Safety equipment and Gas Management systems generally. They operate an ISO 9001;2008 design and manufacturing system. They are members of the BCGA, British Compressed Gases Association and the Brewing Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers Association.
bsl gas technologies

BSL Gas Technologies have at the core of our products a large range of Gas Mixing Valves. Since the first valve they patented in 1990, they have been able to tailor this clever design for different gases, different flows and we now have 2 gas and 3 gas versions, pre-set and adjustable.

The Mixing Valves are simple, clever, very reliable and extremely hard wearing. They are a completely pressure mechanical device designed to apportion the volume of 2 or 3 gases to provide a consistent mixed gas percentage over a wide and process dependent varying flow range.



* Food and Beverage Processing and Packing
* Beer perfection, Beer dispense Industry
* Manufacturing and Welding Quality and Consistency