"One of the World's Largest and Oldest Established Manufacturers  of Oil-Free Compressors"

Belliss & Morcom is a global provider of premium high-quality oil-free compressors, technologies and services. The company relies on over 155 years of experience to provide exceptional product performance and aftermarket support for the food and beverage, power generation, chemicals, and oil and gas industries.

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Oil Free Compressors for PET Bottle Blowing
Belliss & Morcom has over 40 years of experience in supplying oil free reciprocating compressors for the PET bottle blowing market and have supplied compressors for some of the largest PET bottling plants in the world today. Due to our vast experience, Belliss & Morcom have become the recognised industry leaders, where customers globally enjoy greater productivity and lower operating costs. Belliss & Morcom compressors set the standard for reliable, efficient and cost-effective PET bottle blowing operations.

VH compressor 
 Performance summary

* 420 to 1,500 m3/hour at 40 barg
* 90 to 260kW direct zero drive loss ‘shaftless’ motor
* Oil free
* Water cooled
* 3 stages
* Capacity control – 0 to 100%
* Variable speed capacity range from 50 -100%
* Fully balanced operation

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 WH compressor
Performance summary

* 1,680 to 3,200 m3/hour at 40 barg
* 280 to 550kW direct zero drive loss ‘shaftless’ motor
* Oil free
* Water cooled
* 3 Stages
* Capacity control – 0%/50%/100%
* Variable speed capacity range from 30 -100%
* Fully balanced operation