Parker domnick hunter
In 2003, DHE has taken its place in the sector with the distributorship of domnick hunter, a company specializing in compressed air conditioning. Founded in England in 1963, domnick hunter’s products include; nitrogen and hydrogen generators, chemical and gas air dryers, compressed air filters, water separators, respiratory air units, sterile filters, condensate evacuation devices.
Parker Hiross Zander
In 2005, Parker, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of motion and control Technologies, has bought domnick hunter, Hiross ve Zander so; Hiross (Italy) and Zander (Germany) compressed air conditioning equipment have also participated in DHE. Hiross and Zander product lines include; chemical, cooler and hybrid dryers, gas and compressed air filters, aftercooler, oil-water separators, chiller cooling units and breathable air purification equipment.
In 2005, DHE has become the distrubutor of Boge Compressors, one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of screw compressors in Germany. Among our range of compressors model of Boge brand compressors; oil injected screw compressors, frequency controlled oil injected screw compressors, oil free and frequency controlled screw compressors, oil free piston compressors, oil piston compressors, scroll compressors, bottle blowing compressors (flexpet).
Sauer Compressors
In 2008, DHE has added German Sauer Compressors to its solution partners and has begun to provide service to the industrial sector in medium-high pressure reciprocating compressors. Among the series of Sauer compressors; Mistral Series Compressors, Passat Series Compressors, Typhoon Series Compressors, Hurricane Series Compressors, Tornado Series Compressors, Harmattan Series Compressors, 5000 and 6000 Series Compressors.
In 2011, DHE began to work with BSL Gas Technologies, a UK based company with 25 years experience in industrial gas mixtures. With its gas mixers, gas control panels, gas mixing valves and gas filters, BSL has over 250,000 successful applications worldwide.
In 2012, DHE has expanded its product portfolio by adding British company Hitech, which has been a gas analyzer designer and manufacturer since 1981, to its suppliers. With Hitech gas analyzers; ammonia, argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, neon, oxygen, sulfur hexafluoride, xenon, krypton, methane, hydrogen sulphide, helium and hydrogen gases can be measured.
In 2012, the Italian company Thermomeccanica, which produces compressors and pumps, has taken place among DHE’s products. TM.C., which has been producing threaded compressors for the last 20 years, has become a world-renowned brand in screw compressors with its unique performance, longevity and continuous innovation.
Gardner Denver
In 2014, DHE has started to work with the American Gardner Denver brand, which has a high technology in compressor, especially with oil-free compressors. With the inclusion of CompAir, HydroVane, Bellis & Morcom and Reavell’s products, which are included by Gardner Denver, the range of products has increased. These products include; high-performance screwed, reciprocating, cascade and diesel compressors, high pressure, oil injected, oil-free and portable models, blowers and fluid transfer equipment.