Your Satisfaction Is Important To Us!

As well as providing the most suitable solutions by choosing the correct products and using materials of the highest quality your satisfaction with our products through our after-sale services is very important to us.

To maximize our service quality we are constantly evaluating internally, conducting educational seminars as well as seeking our customers feedback to continually improve. 

We are delighted to share with you our customer satisfaction survey results, conducted starting 2014 with 125 of our customers who have received after-sale services for the products that they've purchased from our experts, engineers or technicians. The percentage figures for things like the behaviour of service representatives, service timing and overall satisfaction for after-sale services may be viewed on the right. We would like to thank these customers for their valued inputs in our survey.

Satisfaction with Attitude and Behaviour 100%
Satisfaction with Technical Knowledge and Skill 96%
Working Strategically, Equipment and Cleanliness 96%
Orderly Delivery of Waste Material 99%
Satisfaction with the Timing of Service Representatives 99%
Satisfaction with Compliance of Set Safety Procedures 99%
Satisfaction with Overall Service 97%