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"Unique Innovation Outstanding Efficiency"

The CompAir Quantima centrifugal air compressors deliver significant benefits over traditional technology. Offering outstanding energy efficiency, reliability and low environmental impact, Quantima also offers low noise levels at 69 db(A) and a physical footprint around 25% smaller than comparable compressors in the market.

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What makes Quantima® special?

* Superb efficiency due to no gearbox and no contact parts

* Variable speed technology minimising off-load running

* Outstanding energy savings of up to 25% are easily achievable

* Lowest off-load power consumption of just 2.5% of full load power, equal to 7 kW for a 300 kW compressor

* Smallest physical footprint

*Lowest noise levels of just 69 dB(A)


Advanced Quantima® technology

*Inlet Filters: High efficiency inlet air filtration for effective protection of the compression assembly
*Stainless Steel Coolers: Packaged shell and tube intercooler and aftercooler 
*Variable Speed Drive: The high frequency inverter variable speed drive acts as an electronic gearbox. 
*Zero Loss Drains: The Quantima package is fitted with zero loss drains which automatically drain condensate from the package based on level sensors.


• Food and beverage

• Pharmaceuticals

• Chemicals

• Energy

• Engineering and technology

• Automotive

• Electronics

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